What does NoMEM mean? - NoMEM® is a registered Lenmar brand name. On older technology batteries you would need to fully drain the battery before charging or a "memory effect" would develop and limit run time and reduce its effective life. With Lenmar NoMEM batteries you will not need to fully drain the battery before charging to maintain their maximum capacity.

Do our batteries work with OEM chargers?- Yes, our batteries are designed to be 100% fully compatible with the OEM equipment and the OEM chargers.

Can I charge or power my equipment in the car? - Yes, we have a variety of car cords that work for camcorder, cell phone and laptop computer. Also note that most of the Lenmar chargers will charge the batteries in the car and some will even power the equipment without the battery on board. Refer to the product category you are looking for or click here to find your accessories

Does rapid charging reduce the life of batteries? Fast chargers such as the Lenmar Mach 1 Speed Charger with NeoTherm® Technology, will simultaneously rapidly charge and condition the battery thus extending the life of the battery. Overcharging and overheating a battery will adversely effect the life and performance of a battery.

What are the benefits of rechargeable alkaline batteries? Rechargeable alkaline such as Lenmar's Chargeables® can save money because they can be recharged many times. Chargeables® are best suited for low drain devices such as Personal radio, CD players, toys, flashlights and all other devices where disposable alkaline cells perform well. Lenmar Chargeables® may be used over and over again- up to 50 times longer than disposable alkaline batteries. Lenmar Chargeables® have no memory, in fact they will last longer if they are charged often, without fully being discharged. Chargeables® will perform about 80-90% on its initial use compared to standard disposable alkaline.

Which batteries are better, NiCd or NiMH batteries? - For most electronic devices it is better to use NiMH batteries than NiCd batteries. NiCd batteries use Cadmium, a toxic heavy metal that can damage the environment if not disposed of properly. (They should be recycled not discarded). NiMH batteries have a higher capacity without a bigger size battery with no memory effect compared to NiCd.

Do NiCd batteries really have a memory effect?- NiCd batteries do suffer from a memory effect. Depending on the severity of the memory it may be reversible by conditioning them. There are a variety of Lenmar chargers that will condition and charge your NiCd batteries.

Why don't my AA rechargeable Alkaline batteries last in my digital camera?- Alkaline batteries are best suited for low drain personal electronic devices such as toys, portable radios, CD players and television remote controls. A digital camera is a high drain device, which needs a Nickel Metal Hydride battery such as our NoMEM® PRO Rechargeable batteries and chargers.

Can I charge 1-4 AA NiMH batteries at a time?- Yes, many of the Lenmar chargers allow you to charge 1,2,3 or 4 AA or AAA batteries at the same time. Some chargers need to charge in series of 2 or 4. Refer to Lenmar charger specifications for further details.

How many times can a rechargeable battery be recharged?- The number of times a battery can be recharged depends on many factors. These include the discharging drain load, the frequency of use, the length of time in a discharged state, charge temperature and conditioning. Rechargeable batteries do NOT last forever and need to be replaced at some time. However, you should expect many years and hundreds of charge cycles of good performance.

If the milliAmp hours (mAh) of my current battery are rated differently than the mAh of the Lenmar battery, will it still work in my device? - Yes, it will work. The mAh is a measurement to compare run times. For example, a battery with a 2500mAh rating would last two longer than a battery with a 1250mAh rating.

Why doesn't my new battery hold a charge? - Sometimes when a battery is inactive for a long period of time, the cells inside become dormant and need to be "jump-started". We recommend that you cycle charge the battery by fully discharging the battery and then completely recharging it (repeat this 3-times). This should recondition the battery and bring it back to normal operational status.

Why does my Sony camera turns off, or show non-info lithium? - Many Sony cameras and camcorders require the correct smart chip battery for it to communicate with the camera. Lenmar info batteries are compatible with Sony products. However, updates for new models occur. Please fill out a technical request form, listing the battery date code (2-digit code on Lenmar battery) for us to verify compatibility. Click here for technical request form.

When is it time to replace my battery? - When you notice run time being approximately 50% less than the run time when the battery was new, we recommend that you replace the battery with a new battery. Rechargeable batteries do not last forever and need to be replaced at some time.

How long should it take to charge my battery? - It depends on the battery charger and battery you are using. For recommended charge times using Lenmar battery chargers, please refer to the online product manual for the specific model number you are using or click here. Please keep in mind higher capacity batteries requires longer charge times.

Can I store my battery on my charger or camera? - It is advised to remove the battery from the camera or battery charger when it is not being used for long periods of time. Small amounts of current flow even when not in use. The battery may become drained and lose its capacity. We also recommend that you fully charge your batteries before storing them for long periods of time.

Can I overcharge a battery?- Yes, putting too much charge energy in the cells can damage batteries. Lenmar batteries have protective circuitry to prevent overheating.

Why did my cell phone battery stop vibrating?- These batteries are very sensitive to shock, so if they are banged or dropped they could easily be damaged. The Lenmar warranty covers manufacturing defects, but not abuse or accidental mishandling. If your battery is under our terms of warranty (see warranty terms and conditions), then please complete a request for return and we will evaluate your battery and repair/replace it or advise you otherwise.